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Hello. My name is Mazelle Stirtmire Webster. I am a professional musician, specializing in choral and vocal development. I have an Associates Degree in Voice, and a Bachelor of Music Degree in Voice from Kennesaw State University. I have been involved in the world of music since the age of six, and have more than thirty years of experience in church music ministry. During my college career, I have performed numerous operatic roles, to include lead roles with the local professional company, “Peach State Opera". I have enjoyed traveling as a performer throughout several cities within the United States, as well as, to several international European cities. I am currently performing with the professional group “The Georgia Spiritual Ensemble”. This group specializes in educating the public about an area of America’s Folk Music called the African American Spiritual. The Georgia Spiritual Ensemble has traveled Southeastern United States and toured several cities in Spain in September of 2012, to further advance the goal of sharing music with the world.

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